One Week To Go!

As the countdown of days until we take part in the national 3 peaks challenge entered single figures, final preparations were being made to the highlight in our fundraising events. Keith was panicing about the speach and Kelly was doing her best to wind him up about it!

The ‘Annual Crown Spa Health Club Presentation Evening’ was set for Friday 25th May at The Crown Spa Hotel in Scarborough. There was a last minute rush for tickets which was a huge relief as Keith knew that the 85kg hog roast would have been on the menu for staff lunch for the following month if figures didnt pick up! Friday was a hive of activity setting up the casino games, raffle and decking out the room but finally everything was set.

The doors opened at 19:30 and nearly 100 members and staff soon came flooding in. Kelly was manning the raffle stall and continued to do so with with expert precision throughout the night.

Keith dished out the casino chips to everyone once they handed over some cash which looked rather fake…he looked very familiar!

The casino games commenced and the serious faces suggest it got a bit competative!

The hog roast arrived and although it didnt look too appealing (especially to vegetarians!) it proved a hug success with the members. It did taste amazing!

Stuart Russell made some presentations to members and staff for their fantastic contributions over the last year then the band were released until it was time for what Keith was dreading… the speach!

Surprising all went well but im sure a couple of pints and the fact we had raised an amazing £274.73 helped! The prizes were then dished out and Stuart Russell soon got another £100.00 from auctioning off a Personal Training session where the clients get their own back on some members of staff!

That meant a fantastic £374.73 was raised on the evening and over £800.00 for all our events! With a response like that, we were extatic.

Saturday morning saw us take a ‘short’ walk through Raincliffe Woods and down Forge Valley. After 3 1/2 hours in glorious sunshine we returned to our cars and Keith made a horrific discovery… a blister!

Roll on next weekend, we cannot wait 🙂


On Top of Yorkshire


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With 2 weeks to go it was time to give ourselves a proper test so we set off to climb Whernside in the Yorkshire Dales. Officially it is the highest peak in Yorkshire standing at 2415 ft high but it is a baby in relation to our first mountain in the 3 peaks challenge – Ben Nevis at 4409 ft.

We parked up at Ribblehead and luckily the weather was perfect as we set off towards the viaduct.

Kelly was testing out her new walking boots which she seemed quite happy with!

It seemed like we were the only ones walking there for much of the time. The ascent starts off gentle on a paved path but gradually gets steeper and the ground underfoot becomes more unstable. We still made good progress and soon we were towering over the surrounding countryside.

As we neared the summit the temperature plummeted and the wind picked up. It soon became apparent we needed to do some thermal clothes shopping before we head off on the challenge. It took us just over 1 1/2 hours to reach the peak and the views were stunning as we looked down on Yorkshire.

The strong wind made sure we had a quick decent and although our legs were aching a bit after, we were quite happy with how things went.

ROLL ON THE 3 PEAKS CHALLENGE ON 2ND & 3RD JUNE! Just in case you are wondering why we are doing the 3 peaks, check out one of our previous blogs here and if you would like to make a small donation for a fantastic cause please check out our fundraising page.

Hectic Week

With only weeks to go until we take part in the 3 peaks challenge, we really turned up the heat this week.

During the week Kelly’s school form held a cake sale and raised a magnificent £80 for Harrisons Fund.

Saturday was a day for continuing the fundraising at the Crown Spa Health Club in Scarborough where Keith works. We had advertised a charity car wash for a number of weeks and the bookings soon flooded in. With 18 cars booked in we prayed for good weather… and it came! We arrived bright and early and soon got to work; look at these beauties…

After 8 hours of graft we had no fingerprints left, Keith had got sunburn and we were both starving BUT it was all worth it when we checked the bucket…

we had raised £118.50 for Harrisons Fund so THANK YOU to everyone who brought their car in.

After a night of recovery our 3 peaks training got turned up a notch! 9am and Keith had his new hiking boots on. Bleary-eyed we headed out the door. We had chosen a 10 mile route near Scarborough, starting in Scalby we scaled the steep Hay Brow hill to Suffield and continued through Hackness towards Forge Valley and back through Raincliffe Woods. It was another picturesque day in a gorgeous location 🙂

We were knackered after but what a great weekend!

Our Fundraising Events

Next week we kick off our fundraising events by holding a car wash for members at the Crown Spa Health Club where Keith works. We will be cleaning cars from 9am until 2pm in the hotel car park and it costs just £5 per car (unless you are feeling generous and wish to donate more!). 11 cars are booked in so far and places are going fast so if you would like to book in contact Keith or Kelly asap.


A few weeks later sees the annual Crown Spa Health Club member presentation evening with over 100 guests expected. Kelly and Keith are in charge of the raffle and plenty of prizes are coming in but if you would like to donate a gift, please let us know.


Kelly is also in the process of organising a charity cake sale with her form at Woldgate College.

If you cant get involved in any of the events but would like to make a

kind donation please click here

A Near Death Experience

Keith experienced something that most men dread after this weeks walk, something that caused him to endure days of turmoil, pain and hysteria…. the dreaded man flu! 😦

This week we decided some hills needed to be involved in our walk so we headed off into the country to a village called Millington to start a 8 mile walk through the countryside (See route here).

Armed with a map, Keith was trusted with directions again (will Kelly ever learn?!). We set off into the wilderness and soon came across a rather strange animal which Kelly had never seen before, it looked like a sheep but it was BLACK?! Had we descovered a new species? No Kelly, sheep can be black, haha!

Soon after, the hills came and we had a taster of what we will be coming up against in the 3 peaks challenge at the start of June. We powered to the top and made our way through field after field.ImageImageImage

What seemed like hours passed, but then we realised something…it had not rained yet! This soon changed…


Now our natural training conditions had returned, we pressed on until we got slightly distracted!


A short fuel break was required and thankfully Kelly had packed an essential ingredient in any intrepid explorers backpack… the trusted easter egg!

ImageThe end was now in sight and just a few obstacles stood in our way, one was rather large with big horns…


It was a tough walk but this was just the beginning for Keith, Sunday brought with it aching legs, a slight hangover and a broken soul as man flu set in. Thankfully it appears Keith is pulling through, day by day his strength returns and he is returning to his former glory… just as Kelly feels a cold coming on…ooops, Sorry!

Please consider sponsoring us in our 3 Peaks challenge to raise money for Harrisons Fund by clicking here.

Making progress

We have been quiet recently but fear not, we have been working hard!

We are making progress with our training; Kelly is going to the gym in her crazy new shoes and Keith is getting back into football (pity it is nearly the end of the season). Today we went on a 6 1/2 mile walk around Huntington and New Earswick and in keeping with our other walks, we got drenched. We probably won’t know what to do if it is sunny when we do the challenge in June!

This walk confirmed what many people feared, Keith is not trusted with a map! Kelly did well to suppress her anger despite being lead in circles.

On the plus side the walk took us just over 2 hours so it looks like we have doubled our pace from our first attempt.

Away from the training, fundraising efforts are now in full swing. Keith turned into a computer geek for a member at the the Crown Spa Health Club (where he works) to start the donations rolling in. Currently £50 is in the kitty. Next month will see a charity car wash and a raffle at the Crown Spa Health Club awards night. With a bit of luck these events should take us close to the £500 target. Kelly is planning an event at her school where she teaches and finally we will be raiding the pockets of our friends and family.

More updates soon, now time to buy some walking shoes!




Bad day to start training!

We have signed up to the 3 peaks challenge on 2nd/3rd June so we best start training!

On Sunday 4th March we decided to follow a 3 1/2 mile route around Stockton on the Forest near York. Saturday was beautiful so surely Sunday would be the same…. oh how wrong we were!

It was wet and bleak outside so we got well wrapped up and packed our backpack like we were going to be stranded in the middle of nowhere for weeks! Rations, extra layers, flares… okay no flares but the bag was overly packed.

We set off and Keith’s map reading skills failed within minutes of setting off so Kelly took over! Umbrellas up, we soon located where we were going. 10 minutes in and we were freezing and Keith had been accused of soaking Kelly’s trousers numerous times…. no, it was raining!

We scaled fields for what seemed like hours and the increasing wind strength really didn’t help!

Eventually 2 hours later we returned to the car, soaking wet and really hoping the weather will be better in June!

Worst of all we realised it took us 2 hours to walk 3 1/2 miles! Poor effort by any means and considering we need to walk over 20 miles in the challenge AND travel over 500 miles between the mountains, we better improve quickly!