As the countdown of days until we take part in the national 3 peaks challenge entered single figures, final preparations were being made to the highlight in our fundraising events. Keith was panicing about the speach and Kelly was doing her best to wind him up about it!

The ‘Annual Crown Spa Health Club Presentation Evening’ was set for Friday 25th May at The Crown Spa Hotel in Scarborough. There was a last minute rush for tickets which was a huge relief as Keith knew that the 85kg hog roast would have been on the menu for staff lunch for the following month if figures didnt pick up! Friday was a hive of activity setting up the casino games, raffle and decking out the room but finally everything was set.

The doors opened at 19:30 and nearly 100 members and staff soon came flooding in. Kelly was manning the raffle stall and continued to do so with with expert precision throughout the night.

Keith dished out the casino chips to everyone once they handed over some cash which looked rather fake…he looked very familiar!

The casino games commenced and the serious faces suggest it got a bit competative!

The hog roast arrived and although it didnt look too appealing (especially to vegetarians!) it proved a hug success with the members. It did taste amazing!

Stuart Russell made some presentations to members and staff for their fantastic contributions over the last year then the band were released until it was time for what Keith was dreading… the speach!

Surprising all went well but im sure a couple of pints and the fact we had raised an amazing £274.73 helped! The prizes were then dished out and Stuart Russell soon got another £100.00 from auctioning off a Personal Training session where the clients get their own back on some members of staff!

That meant a fantastic £374.73 was raised on the evening and over £800.00 for all our events! With a response like that, we were extatic.

Saturday morning saw us take a ‘short’ walk through Raincliffe Woods and down Forge Valley. After 3 1/2 hours in glorious sunshine we returned to our cars and Keith made a horrific discovery… a blister!

Roll on next weekend, we cannot wait 🙂