We have been quiet recently but fear not, we have been working hard!

We are making progress with our training; Kelly is going to the gym in her crazy new shoes and Keith is getting back into football (pity it is nearly the end of the season). Today we went on a 6 1/2 mile walk around Huntington and New Earswick and in keeping with our other walks, we got drenched. We probably won’t know what to do if it is sunny when we do the challenge in June!

This walk confirmed what many people feared, Keith is not trusted with a map! Kelly did well to suppress her anger despite being lead in circles.

On the plus side the walk took us just over 2 hours so it looks like we have doubled our pace from our first attempt.

Away from the training, fundraising efforts are now in full swing. Keith turned into a computer geek for a member at the the Crown Spa Health Club (where he works) to start the donations rolling in. Currently £50 is in the kitty. Next month will see a charity car wash and a raffle at the Crown Spa Health Club awards night. With a bit of luck these events should take us close to the £500 target. Kelly is planning an event at her school where she teaches and finally we will be raiding the pockets of our friends and family.

More updates soon, now time to buy some walking shoes!