Keith experienced something that most men dread after this weeks walk, something that caused him to endure days of turmoil, pain and hysteria…. the dreaded man flu! 😦

This week we decided some hills needed to be involved in our walk so we headed off into the country to a village called Millington to start a 8 mile walk through the countryside (See route here).

Armed with a map, Keith was trusted with directions again (will Kelly ever learn?!). We set off into the wilderness and soon came across a rather strange animal which Kelly had never seen before, it looked like a sheep but it was BLACK?! Had we descovered a new species? No Kelly, sheep can be black, haha!

Soon after, the hills came and we had a taster of what we will be coming up against in the 3 peaks challenge at the start of June. We powered to the top and made our way through field after field.ImageImageImage

What seemed like hours passed, but then we realised something…it had not rained yet! This soon changed…


Now our natural training conditions had returned, we pressed on until we got slightly distracted!


A short fuel break was required and thankfully Kelly had packed an essential ingredient in any intrepid explorers backpack… the trusted easter egg!

ImageThe end was now in sight and just a few obstacles stood in our way, one was rather large with big horns…


It was a tough walk but this was just the beginning for Keith, Sunday brought with it aching legs, a slight hangover and a broken soul as man flu set in. Thankfully it appears Keith is pulling through, day by day his strength returns and he is returning to his former glory… just as Kelly feels a cold coming on…ooops, Sorry!

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