We have signed up to the 3 peaks challenge on 2nd/3rd June so we best start training!

On Sunday 4th March we decided to follow a 3 1/2 mile route around Stockton on the Forest near York. Saturday was beautiful so surely Sunday would be the same…. oh how wrong we were!

It was wet and bleak outside so we got well wrapped up and packed our backpack like we were going to be stranded in the middle of nowhere for weeks! Rations, extra layers, flares… okay no flares but the bag was overly packed.

We set off and Keith’s map reading skills failed within minutes of setting off so Kelly took over! Umbrellas up, we soon located where we were going. 10 minutes in and we were freezing and Keith had been accused of soaking Kelly’s trousers numerous times…. no, it was raining!

We scaled fields for what seemed like hours and the increasing wind strength really didn’t help!

Eventually 2 hours later we returned to the car, soaking wet and really hoping the weather will be better in June!

Worst of all we realised it took us 2 hours to walk 3 1/2 miles! Poor effort by any means and considering we need to walk over 20 miles in the challenge AND travel over 500 miles between the mountains, we better improve quickly!